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Old 06-27-2008, 05:26 PM
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Default Kegel Patterns

So, who out there has bowled on the Kegel pattern Main Street. I guess I'm lucky, the center I work at puts out different patterns all the time; PBA, Kegel; whatever.

Thus far, I've bowled on Main Street, Wall Street, Middle Road and Easy street.

I hated Wall Street, super wet dry. They put it out during league and nearly everyone hated it. We are talking instahook right of 10 and slick in the middle. Most tweeners had lots of trouble with it.

I don't remember much about Easy Street.

I liked Middle Road. It was alittle touchy fresh, but opened up nicely as the set went on. It wasn't nearly as penal as I thought it might be. I could see it used as a "house" shot on a scratch league or a league with better bowlers.

Today, I bowled on Main Street. I really liked the way it played. It wasn't wet/dry but it did hook and did have hold area. I started with a Rico drilled Red Zone(1000 Abralon plus polish) and played 13 to 8 for 257. I pulled out a ball that a friend gave me and moved further right to square up alittle. It was a LaneMasters counter strike, pin above ring(approx 4 1/2" to pap) with 2000 abralon finish. I was able to play right up 9/10 and get excellent carry. I shot 279 with a flush 9 in the 8th. This is the only pattern that ball has worked at all on.

I toyed around with my BW Bite 5" pin to pap, 45* drill, shiny. It was two boards deeper than the Red Zone with more backend pop.
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Old 06-27-2008, 05:41 PM
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i was lucky enoug to bowl 3 of the 4 sport patterns in a tournament, here is my take, had to write up a little review for my coach, i have also bowled on the 4th one, but that was a different tournament

Kegel Oil Pattern Review
Bowling Centre: Surfers Paradise
Tournament: Ebonite International Sport Series Final
Lanes: Synthetic Overlay
Balls Taken:
Black Widow: 1000 Grit
Complete NV: 2000 Grit Polished
Black Widow Pearl: 4000 Grit Polished
Total NV: 4000 Grit Polished
Black Ice: 4000 Grit Polished
Black Widow Clear: Spare


Dead Man Curve (Block 1)
Information on the Pattern
DEAD MAN'S CURVE - 3043 This 43 foot pattern has more out of bounds than most patterns because of the increased application of conditioner on the forward pass. With a slight increase slope of oil from the tenth board to the fourteenth board on the return pass, the goal of the player is to target along those boards of extra conditioner without swinging the ball too much towards the outside part of the lane. Players who try to excessively curve the ball with too much speed will find DEAD MAN’S CURVE hazardous to their score.
Game 1: 179 Game 2: 146 Game 3: 147 Game 4: 195 Game 5: 214
Balls Used: Complete NV
Length: 43ft
Ratio: 3:1
Found this pattern to break down at the heads pretty quickly first up, causing overeacting shots, lanes really started to break down between 2nd-3rd game and also started to carrydown. Adjusted a lot to the left, added some loft and some ball speed, found a good line to the pocket to finish, also had a glass wall to contend with in the 3rd game, Complete NV worked awesome on this pattern, worked even better in the carrydown

Highway to Hell (Block 2)
Information on the Pattern
HIGHWAY TO HELL 2340 - This 40 foot pattern is the flattest of the group and therefore can be the most difficult. With an increased amount of conditioner outside, the HIGHWAY TO HELL is a low latitude ratio pattern with very little left to right shape to help guide the bowling ball towards the pocket. Each player will have to decide and make sense of their ball reaction to decide what’s best for them to find their way down the HIGHWAY TO HELL!
Game 1: 192 Game 2: 168 Game 3: 149 Game 4: 244 Game 5: 177
Balls Used: Total NV, Black Ice
Length: 40ft
Ratio: 2.25:1
Had the glass wall again in game 1, but found a nice line with the total NV standing on 22ndish board and shooting over 15-13, between games 2 and 3, the lanes broke down massively and quickly, leading to a lot of confusion and stress, gained my thoughts back in Game 4, got out my black ice at the end of Game 3 and found a line, slowed my ball speed down a little and found a nice tight line for the 4th and 5th game, 5th game, the lanes carrydown more, so I had to slow down my shot even more to get carry, but still didnt work out, found this pattern a lot more easier than I expected

Winding Road (Block 3)
Game 1: 179 Game 2: 185 Game 3: 223 Game 4: 229 Game 5: 128 
Information on the Pattern
WINDING ROAD - 2839 This oil pattern uses a distance of 39 feet with very little downlane help to guide the ball into the pocket. Because of the lower ratios towards the end of pattern, the greatest factor on how the WINDING ROAD will play is the lane surface and how the bowlers breakdown the pattern. The WINDING ROAD could play more inside or it could play more outside but the player who figures it out will straighten out the WINDING ROAD!
Balls Used: Complete NV, Black Widow Pearl
Length: 39ft
Ratio: 3.4:1
This series, I had no glass wall at all, so I was happy, was going to play a inside line, but I watched Mick littles ball reaction, and there was a hold spot outside, so I tried my Complete NV, standing on 20, aiming out to like 7 board, not my full revs, just off my hand, and smashed the pocket. So I started the game, bowling the same line, I kept on missing my target after the 2nd frame, so I just tried to get my line back in the 2 game as well, nothing worked, sat down and looked what Jason Walsh was bowling, black widow pearl, so I tired the ball at the end of the 2nd game, didnt strike, but got a better ball reaction, so I adjusted my hand position to a flat hand, so I could get a more of a skid/roll, not a skid/snap reaction, adjusted left into move fresh oil and my breakpoint into Mick little breakpoint and I started to string strikes together, moved to another lane for game 4, lanes were dryer, no problem, just moved another couple of boards left, same breakpoint and all, last game, this lane was even more drier, had my black ice ready. But I didnt use it, moved right on my first shot, and it missed the head pin on the right, I thought carrydown. I was right, so I adjusted right, standing on 20, going over 15 and straight into the pocket, same hand release, strike then all of sudden, I lost all carry, got annoyed and started to miss single pins, and thats why I finished with a 128


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Old 06-29-2008, 08:23 PM
grayfin68 grayfin68 is offline
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Looks like you, Street Racer, and I are all bowling on different Kegel league patterns this year.

Looks like you're league is on the Recreation patterns, while Street is on the Sport patterns. My league is on the Challenge patterns.

So far, we've bowled Route 66 and Beaten Path. We play each pattern 3 times. Unfortunately, I had to miss the third week of Route 66 and first week of Beaten Path due to work travel. So, I've only bowled 3 weeks of the 5 so far.

I've been up and down on these. The first week on Route 66 and Beaten Path, I totally stunk up the joint and averaged around 130 or so.

The second week on Route 66 I averaged in the 190's. Hopefully the second week on Beaten Path will be better.

I have found these patterns to be similar to the PBA Experience patterns in difficulty, but maybe a little easier.
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Old 06-29-2008, 09:07 PM
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A local house does a match play tournament on the sport series every month. I did one last year on the highway to hell, and hell it was bowling on it, lol. Hopefully, with more equipment and sport shot experience, it will go better this year
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Old 06-29-2008, 10:42 PM
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I am still trying to get my house to throw down some KEGEL shots but he states that he may make some of the league bowlers mad. I told him not to put it down during league play but during tournys, sweepers etc. I even told him to try it out on the juniors leagues and see what they can do.
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Old 06-29-2008, 10:56 PM
Thepainscoming Thepainscoming is offline
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i see juniors as liking it more because we have a lot more juniors than adults in our PBA league and it seems we like to learn more than the adults, our ego's don't get hurt as bad lol

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Old 06-30-2008, 12:15 AM
urbanshaft urbanshaft is offline
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im bowling on the highway to hell atm
480 first series on it ><
so far avrging 170 on the kegel sport patterns
with 7more weeks of it
gona be hard to get it above 200
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Old 06-30-2008, 02:32 AM
yotamonster yotamonster is offline
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My house is laying down the kegel patterns for the summer league. Switching up every three weeks and we are gonna vote for which to use for the fall. With the exception of a few the only ones doing any good are the straight bowlers.

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Old 06-30-2008, 10:35 PM
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Im the mechanic at my center so I have had the chance to roll on all of them, considering im the one putting the oil down.

Hiway to hell- interesting but fun.
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Old 06-30-2008, 10:45 PM
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Yota, I'm running the very same league at my house. Picking the shot and everything. On the 38' I was using my skull ball and killing it. One guy in the league shot 738 with a black knight. Can't wait for the 44'. I'm averaging like 250 in practice on it. It might very well be the easiest shot I have ever bowled on. Can't wait for that Navigate conditioner to come out so I can see the difference.
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